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Translation Request[taƴto ɗaɗi wiki]

Good Morning Amkoullel! Can you kindly help me translate this article into the Fula language? Please. The "True Jesus Church" is an independent church that was established in Beijing, China in 1917. Today, there are approximately 1.5 million members in forty five countries and six continents. The church belongs to the the Pentecostal branch of Christianity that emerged during the early twentieth century. Since 1979, the church was established in Nigeria. They aim to preach the gospel to all nations before the Second Coming of Jesus. The ten main doctrines of the church are:

  1. Holy Spirit
  2. Baptism
  3. Feet Washing
  4. Holy Communion
  5. Sabbath Day
  6. Jesus Christ
  7. Holy Bible
  8. Salvation
  9. The church
  10. Final Judgement

Any help at all would be very gratefully appreciated, (Just try your best effort; that is all I ask for) --Jose77 23:19, 14 June 2007 (UTC)

Jose77, I am a native speaker. I am happy that you appreciate my contribution. I can help for translations, if time allows. But currently the only subjects deal with the history and society of the Fulbe. I ask myself if it is useful to the Fulbe community to translate now articles about christianism. The majority of the Fulbe is islamic. I think this must be kept for later, when there will be a sufficient core of articles dealing with more subjects. This is at least my point of view. --Amkoullel

Translation to Fulfulde[taƴto ɗaɗi wiki]

Could I please ask you to translate the template Template:Infobox Country and the article Month into Fulfulde? -- PK2 13 août 2009 à 09:31 (UTC)

African Language Wikipedias[taƴto ɗaɗi wiki]

Dear Jose77,

I am a linguist at the University of Cape Town and my current research focuses on indigenous digital literacies in Africa. I have worked extensively with FB, MXit and texting data, and am now starting a project which looks in detail at African language Wikipedias. The first focus is on the Afrikaans and isiXhosa Wikipedias.

I have come across your name when I was looking at contributors to African Wikipedias and would very much like to interview you for the research, or at least to a chat about your work and ideas. We could do this on-line if you like (via chat at or email).

I am obviously also very happy to share my work with you as well - papers I have written etc. Actually I am giving a paper on African language Wikipedias in Oslo in June and would love your input/comments.

With all best wishes & hoping to hear from you soon,


++++++++++++++ Assoc. Prof. Ana Deumert Head, Linguistics University of Cape Town

Votre compte va être renommé[taƴto ɗaɗi wiki]

18 MBooy 2015 à 01:25 (UTC)