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Diiwal adamawa

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sallam good day

I hope this message meet you in good doing, I will like to use this podium to express my gratitude looking at the level of your contribution to knowledge especially editing Wikipedia in Fulfulde, and I look forward for your collaboration and support so that we can continue to edit Wikipedia and also promote Fulfulde language at large.


Fulani215 (yeewtu) 13:31, 25 Juko 2023 (UTC)[jaabawol]

@Fulani215 thank you my brother for your concern Mamman AA (yeewtu) 21:41, 25 Juko 2023 (UTC)[jaabawol]
You are welcome.
If you didn't mind I want us to be chatting on WhatsApp so that we can put hands in promoting Wikipedia in Fulfulde language at large.
This is my WhatsApp phone number +2348143597300
~~~ Fulani215 (yeewtu) 16:25, 29 Juko 2023 (UTC)[jaabawol]
@Fulani215 ok thank you here is my number you can pin me please+2348103604659 Mamman AA (yeewtu) 19:25, 29 Juko 2023 (UTC)[jaabawol]
Hey oga mamman kana shire update fah yazu a ffwk Wikipedia so good keep trying Adamu ab (yeewtu) 08:11, 28 Seeɗto 2024 (UTC)[jaabawol]